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Every project is different. Power generation ideas seem to be endless.

It all starts with a concept. During the requirements definition phase, we can provide advice on design and manufacturability.

All projects are kept confidential.

For example, we built a system that generated electricity from a ship’s propeller shaft to power remote sensors. To do this, we needed to know the RPM range of the shaft, the required output wattage, the space available, and the electronics needed.

We designed a system that generated power for a steam turbine in the oil industry that provided power for controls and data.

We evaluated the feasibility of making a small clamp-on air generator that could attach to a trailer (such as a boat trailer) to keep a battery charged or to power sensors.

Another example was a generator for a play gym. This device generated electricity from a crank handle to run sound or lights, teaching children how power is generated.

A project requires information from the customer, such as the intended market, life span, operating conditions, anticipated production volume and price point. From there we may need to do additional research, test or measurement of associated parts or environmental conditions, construct CAD models, design electronics and write software as needed..

Fabrication of prototypes can involve some tooling and fixturing for assembly and testing.

On the example pages you can see images of some of the projects that we have delivered. Some projects were low volume systems, others are designed for high volume low cost markets.

All of these systems are kept proprietary to the client. We do not compete with our customers. As a result, we do not offer stock systems. We produce them under contract for each client.