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Sullivan has been building custom alternators and mating power electronics since 2000. Over time, we have accumulated a wide variety of design, fabrication and test software and equipment.

We have designed systems from less than 1 watt to over 25 KW.  As noted on the examples page, they can be driven by many mechanisms In addition to design, we can manufacture alternators and power electronics in quantities from one to tens of thousands.

A power system design usually involves mechanical design of the alternator and interface, electrical design (schematic, PCB layout and enclosure) and software.

Once the design and fabrication is complete, we have a full suite of test equipment available to verify performance. In addition, we can have special testing performed by independent labs as needed.

Each program is different. It all starts with the customer’s requirements.

Testing an alternator Regulation Electronics Partial winding Assembly Fixture Laminations Blow Molding Machine Inspection Fixtures Injection Molding Machine Rotor Shells Magnets Automated Stator Tester Environmental Chamber Power Winding Machine